HUNTING is another reason to travel to Black Lake. The Northern St. Lawrence County area of Upstate New York has some of the finest hunting that can be found in the entire United States.

Spring gobblers in May. Small Game, Turkey and Duck in September and early October. Big Game Archery season in September/October with Muzzleloader in October followed by Regular rifle. Thousands of acres of Wildlife Management Areas and State Forest lands are available just a short drive from Black Lake.

License Type
New York Resident
Senior Sportsman $5
Seven-day Fishing $12
Fishing $19
Small & Big Game1 $19
Small Game $16
Trapping $16
Jr. Trapping $6
Sportsman $37
Bowhunting $16
Muzzleloading $16
Super Sportsman2 $68
Turkey Permit $5
Conservation Legacy3 $76
Fishing $40
Hunting $55
Big Game $110
Seven-day Fishing $25
Muzzleloading $110
Bowhunting $110
Bear Tag $30
Turkey Permit $30
Super Sportsman $250
Trapping $255
Resident & Nonresident
Jr. Small Game $5
Jr. Archery $9
One-day Fishing $15
Conservation Patron4 $12
Habitat & Access Stamp5 $5
Resident Lifetime Licenses
     child under 5 yrs old $300
     child 5-11 yrs old $420
     12-64 yrs old $600
     65 yrs and older $50
Small and Big Game $350
Fishing $350
Trapping $300
Bowhunting $180
Muzzleloading $180

1New license type that allows the bearer to hunt both small and big game. The current big game license is eliminated.
2New license type that allows the bearer to hunt small game and big game, bow hunt, muzzle-loader hunt, hunt turkeys and fish.
3New license type that includes a super sportsman license, habitat and access stamp and subscription to The Conservationist.
4Purchase package that includes a subscription to the Conservationist and a habitat and access stamp.
5A voluntary stamp. Revenue from sale of this item will go into a dedicated account within the Conservation Fund and can only be used for projects to protect and improve habitat and to provide public access for fish and wildlife-related recreation.
6Lifetime turkey permit is included with purchase of a lifetime sportsman license.
7New license type. Replaces lifetime small game and lifetime big game licenses.

For additional information visit the NY DEC's
Hunting License Information Page
Complete Information can be found in the
New York State "Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide"
as published by the Department of Enviromental Conservation.
This guide is available wherever you purchase your NY Hunting License or by contacting the
Department of Enviromental Conservation
Region 6 Headquarters

317 Washington St., Watertown, NY 13601

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